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Brand is everything, and good branding is what makes the difference between dreams that are crushed to rubble and dreams that become your reality. Whether you’re a broker, a stylist, or a contractor, your end goal is the same: get leads and generate new business. You want people to think of you the split second they consider looking for an apartment, getting highlights, or redoing that guest bathroom. And while building a brand from scratch sounds daunting, the authentic you is already a brand.

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Brand it Like Serhant is unlike any other branding book on the market. In addition to my signature deal stories (the craziness continues in book three!!), I interviewed some of the biggest brands around including Gary Vaynerchuk, Rebecca Minkoff, Mark Manson, and MANY more about their take on brand building. This play-by-play book features exercises, worksheets, pro-tips, and a case study to provide guidance and inspiration as you work through the process. The methodology in this book is the exact same method I used to build SERHANT., the most followed real estate brand in the world, and now I’m going to share it with you. I’ll be your guide as you identify your “AND”, core values, vision, brand personality, and visual identity – the key factors that will skyrocket your business to the highest level.

Featuring Top Brand Experts

Tom Bilyeu
Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is the cofounder of Quest Nutrition, which was acquired for $1 billion in 2019, and CEO of Impact Theory, a media company designed to create positive change in people’s lives through the relentless creation of entertaining and empowering content.

“There has to be a pretty profound reason why you’re going to keep doing what you’re doing, and money isn’t going to be enough. I know people think it will, but it won’t help you past a certain point and you’re going to ask the question, ‘Why am I doing this?’ You have to believe in something that you’re willing to really fight for. My belief made me feel like a warrior. I could go into the fight feeling like I’m not just doing this for me, I’m going this to help the people I am here to serve."

Mike Evans
Mike Evans

Mike Evans is the founder of Fixer and cofounder of GrubHub, which was valued at over $2 billion when it merged with Seamless.

“The brand and the product are a subset of the larger thing I was thinking about which is... experience. Brand is a lot more than what you’re advertising and marketing—it’s the entire feel of what it’s like to interact with the company.”

Mark Manson
Mark Manson

Mark Manson is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

“I was at that phase of my career where I was throwing things at a wall and seeing what stuck, and writing and blogging was what stuck. From there I needed to understand, ‘Okay, who’s my audience? What am I going to write about? How am I going to differentiate myself? How am I going to stand out?’ Essentially all the branding questions came to the forefront.”

Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion designer and founder of an eponymous global brand that is an industry leader in luxury, handbags, accessories, and apparel.

“When someone closes their eyes, hears a name, and a particular image comes to mind—that’s the brand. In my case, the image we’re trying to create in the consumer’s mind is downtown, rock and roll, accessible luxury.”

iman gadzhi
Iman Gadzhi

Iman Gadzhi is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who has made multiple 8-figures in profit from his online businesses: educate.io, flozy.com, the Gents Croquet Club.

“I was putting out a lot of content, so I thought I should try to reach more people. I thought I had a good message, but my delivery was totally off. I’m the kind of guy who would hit record and just start talking for thirty minutes, but people didn’t like that. I started to really refine my cadence and delivery.”

Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, known as GaryVee, is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, die-hard New York Jets fan, and CEO and Chariman of VaynerX, a holding company with businesses that collectively do over $350M per year in revenue.

“I still write the copy for my own posts. And I think a lot of people who are trying to build their brand are trying to have someone else build it for them, and they’re detached from it.”

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What Everyone is Saying

Ryan's content has guided me in establishing my interior design brand. His strategy helped me find my voice and showcase my unique style, attract clients, and elevate my career to new heights. I'm BEYOND grateful for his expertise.

Grace F.

Ryan gave me the confidence to launch my public speaking career. I've defined my brand, delivered compelling content, and secured speaking engagements at prestigious events. His content and strategies are a treasure trove of wisdom.

Ethan T.

THANK YOU RYAN. You've guided me in crafting my personal brand, creating impactful content, and attracting clients who resonate with my message. I'm forever grateful for your wisdom.

Sophie P.

Ryan empowered me to launch my startup with confidence. His advice on branding and promotion helped me gain recognition in a crowded market. This book is a blueprint for success.

James C.

Ryan Serhant's book inspired a fresh approach to my marketing career. His practical advice on branding, content creation, and self-promotion has made me an asset to my company. I recommend his strategies to anyone aiming for career growth.

David L.

Ryan Serhant's brand-building strategy is pure gold. By defining my brand identity, crafting consistent content, and showcasing my success stories, my small business has grown beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you, Ryan!

Alex M.

Ryan's three-phase strategy reshaped my contracting business. I established my brand identity, shared my work consistently, and celebrated my achievements. The results? More clients, bigger projects, and more income.

Michael T.

Ryan Serhant's book has been my secret weapon in the PR world. His insights on branding and content creation have helped me secure media coverage for my clients and elevate their reputations. I highly recommend his strategies.

Brianna H.